At Orchard, we employ 90% of our staff from the local Ganahera Village and the surrounding areas. We have trained them in all aspects of the hospitality business that enables them to serve clientele from across the globe. As the resort is located amidst farming land, we use only organic methods of planting and harvesting. We also advocate the use of ecologically-sound ways to run the property which leaves a minimal carbon Replica IWC Portuguese watches footprint. 
Across the board, we have a proactive environmental policy, train our teams in ‘green’ thinking and to be as ‘green’ as possible in the operations of the resort. At Orchard, we follow a conscious policy of hiring local staff and training them in hospitality services. Thus, they take pride in their work and are able to honorably provide for their families. We encourage organic farming and keeping alive age-old cultivation practices. We actively support local farming – including electricity costs or investment to purchase new equipment.

Donate a lunch

Our guests have the opportunity of donating lunch to the local school. While the lunch is prepared in-house, guests can visit the school and also help in distributing meals to the children. It’s an experience you’ll treasure for long.

We just need a day’s notice to organize this beautiful gesture for you and your friends.

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