We are all Guests here…..

“This wonderfully evocative land with its timeless scope encompasses and enthralls…beautifully blending the transient with the sublime; and creating individual memories that linger long after the eddying swirl of desert dust is but a speck in the rearview of our thoughts. Departures presage arrivals but it is our focus to make the in-between matter. As transitory visitors in this hospitable land we must leave but barely a ripple even as we delve deep and soak in the richness that creates the perfect counterpoise to the sparse context.”

Orchard Hospitality Private Limited offers its guests a level of services that sets the bar high in terms of soothing accommodation, fabulous dining, entertainment and of course the overall experience!

Set in a peaceful rural locale of Ganahera, amidst orchards of an indigenous Indian fruit called Amla (Emblica officinalis) and fields of roses, is this exclusive eco camp aptly named 'Orchard'. Ganahera is located close to the large open grounds of Pushkar, where Asia's largest camel fair is held annually. Orchard operates from September to March every year. The Resort is surrounded by flowers, home grown vegetables, gardens and multitudes of trees among which hang hammocks on which guests can laze in a relaxing environment!

The grounds of the property are maintained by the local villagers who continue to use only organic methods of farming and harvesting practices that nurture the environment. The resort is consciously planned to be amidst farm lands where the locals continue cultivate their land and enjoy its benefits.

Destination- Pushkar

A small sleepy town in the heart of Rajasthan, Pushkar gets its worldwide acclaim for two reasons – Asia’s largest camel fair is held here annually. The second reason is ‘The Brahma temple’. According to Hindu mythology – the creator of the universe Lord Brahma (The Hindu God) – is only worshiped at Pushkar because of the only Brahma temple is located here.Life here revolves around the temples, ghats (wide steps leading to the waters’ edge) that surround the famous Pushkar lake and the vibrant bazaars/markets. Apart from the temples, the streets of Pushkar are a delight in themselves. Quaint winding roads that are lined with small shops selling everything from religious articles to objects d’art, the markets of Pushkar are a veritable treasure trove of collectibles. Silverware, embroidered and batik material, leather shoes and purses and all manner of handmade paper books, diaries, albums all covered with old silk are must buys from here.

9.9 Rated by Guests